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Covering some general accounting topics to help you compete in today’s crowded market. Accounting is a very important part of administering your business for many reasons. Staying current with your financial record keeping – Bookkeeping – will help you maintain constant knowledge of how your efforts to provide a product or service are doing. Keeping your employees and the tax liability current and paid is of equal importance.  We will help you navigate these intricacies, so you stay focused on other areas of your operations.

Small Business Accounting Articles

Focused on your small business success, articles about bookkeeping, QuickBooks Online, payroll, and general financial information relevant to us, the small business operators. This may not be the sexiest of topics nor the most favorite part of running your company, but we will try to keep these articles short, relevant, interesting, and to the point. If there are any questions you would like addressed, drop us an email with your idea and I will personally give it my utmost attention. Please keep the topics related to accounting and small business practices.

General Business Resources

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Income Tax Disclosures

At C&M Bookkeeping, we work very hard for our clients providing weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual accounting support aimed at payroll, transactional, and record keeping organization for small businesses. This includes the necessary reports – the company’s Balance Sheet and Income Statement – used in income tax reporting preparations for the business portion of tax returns based on the information provided to us for accounting and record keeping purposes.

We post the transactions to the company accounting file that we are direct to record. We use these disclosed financial transactions to generate both of these reports. Company owners are responsible for accurately reporting all income and expenses used for the company tax preparation and accept all responsbilities for providing accurate and complete information for the reporting requirements. 

We are not tax preparers and do not provide tax advice nor tax return preparation services. We suggest to our clients and prospective clients to always consult a professional tax advisor – such as a state registered Attorney or Certified Public Accountant or an Internal Revenue Service certified Enrolled Agent – for both your business and personal tax planning, compliances and tax return concerns.

General Information Disclaimer

The information contained on these pages and in our informational articles contained within our blog features are provided for general informational purposes only and do not constitute any business decisions nor recommendations. As there are financial and legal risks inherently involved in forming and running a business, we always recommend consulting with a qualified legal and tax professional when considering your business goals and risks acceptance.

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